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About Port-A-Slip 

Porta-Slip is a professional, on-time, friendly, family owned and managed, value for money approach to what can otherwise often be a stressful and very expensive part of boat ownership. Porta-Slip has the ability to take the your investment out of the water using a similar process to that used by the majority of marina’s worldwide that is by means of submersing a slip cradle and simply floating the vessel on.

"All for the small investment of $8.50 per day"

Porta-Slip then caringly delivers the boat to your desired premises, all for the small investment of $8.50 per day. It has often been suggested that the Porta-Slip process is the cheapest part of routine boat maintenance allowing (but not limited to) renewal of anti-foul coatings, drive train component overhaul, ‘osmosis’ drying out time storage, non-abrasive blasting, trimming, shipwright repairs, resprays etc etc, not just because Porta-Slip offers great value but due to the fact that you are utilizing your own facility, ‘your’ home or workshop therefore cutting all storage fees out of the equation that can so often spiral out of control due to unforeseen circumstances. We have a lot of customers whom are extremely grateful they utilized Porta-Slip due to there original scope of works and associated timelines being extended due to many different reasons e.g health reasons, family commitments, career changes, tradesman, parts, wife/kids etc etc. Our customers are rewarded with a significantly lower final cost than what could ultimately ‘blow the budget’ if they were using a marina facility for long term maintenance storage.

For the waterways tide table, you can download this below